iPhone 5G

iPhone 5G

On September 12, 2012, Apple announced the iPhone 5. It has a 4-inch display, up from its predecessors' 3.5-inch screen. The device comes with the same 326 pixels per inch found in the iPhone 4 and 4S. The iPhone 5 has the SoC A6 processor, the chip is 22% smaller than the iPhone 4S' A5 and is twice as fast, doubling the graphics performance of its predecessor. The device is 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S, measuring 7.6 mm, and is 20% lighter at 112 grams.

If you have had an accident and dropped, banged or even smashed your iPhone 5G LCD or damaged the Rear cover housing? then do not dispair, as we hold UK stock of all iPhone 5 Spares and repair parts. The good news is, that the iPhone 5 repair parts are now cheaper to purchase since the release of the iPhone 5C and the latest iPhone 5S model. You can purchase our OEM and Genuine parts if you want to attempt the repair yourself,  we can supply you with the best quality iPhone 5G parts available, we hold all parts in stock. Our most popular selling parts are the OEM and Genuine LCD'S. if you need to repair your back cover the we reckomend you use our Complete rear case covers, these include all the small parts pre assembled into the rear case housing for you, the internal small parts included are the Power Button, Flex Cables, Ear Speakers, Home Buttons, Docking Ports, Lightning Ports, Headphone Jack, Speakers, and Buzzers .  We have new iPhone 5 Batteries for sale if yours no longer holds its charge, then it will need to be replaced. We have a wide range of professional iPhone Tools  too, such as screwdrivers, plastic and metal spudgers and also screw trays if required, these are ideal for the end user or if you are a mobile phone repair specialists. We will try to keep our repair parts catalouge updated, as and when a new iPhone 5 part has been manufactured and released by apple

We do sell our spares and replacement parts at very competitive prices and some of our competitors may seem to have better prices than ours, but their parts may be of a lower standard and may include a shipping method more expensive than what we offer, please take this into consideration before contacting us for a price match, it may also mean they are selling cheaper, low quality parts and they may also be refurbished, so there is a good chance that they will again become faulty after they have been installed inside your mobile phone, this can also lead to a range of other faults and problems, that's why we always offer our customers the best prices for the best quality parts available
knowing that you are less likely to return any product back to us as faulty, Buying quality iPhone parts really does make a difference if you do consider fixing your idevice yourself. We aim to provide our customers with the best quality products for the lowest possible prices, if you do find your product cheaper elsewhere, then please contact us  or call us on 0845 643 4327 and we will try and match that price or if possible we will even beat it. iPhonepartsandrepairs dispatch all orders the same day your order is placed, if you order before 4pm (excluding Weekends and Bank Holidays) all our products are guaranteed and come with either 3, 6 or 12 month warranty.

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Brand: Dottorpod
Designed and manufactured in Italy specifically for the iPhone 5, it will also work just as efficient with the 5c and 5s. The iSclack can be used on all idevices including all iPhone, iPad and iPod versions to date, and is the simplest way to open th..
£13.99 £17.99
Based on 2 reviews.
We Recommend Using Dotterpod's iHoldX when carrying out DIY Repairs on all iPhone 5 VersionsiPhone 5 Genuine Replacement Screen - Includes LCD & Digitizer - Black + FREE TOOLSFree 8 Piece Tool Kit with this product (1 x Kit p..
£28.00 £45.59
Based on 1 reviews.
We Recommend Using Dotterpod's iHoldX when carrying out DIY Repairs on all iPhone 5 VersionsiPhone 5 Complete Replacement Screen - Includes LCD & Digitizer - White + FREE TOOLSFree 8 Piece Tool Kit with this product (1 x Kit ..
£28.00 £45.59
Brand: Apple
We Recommend Using Dotterpod's iHoldX when carrying out DIY Repairs on all iPhone 5 VersionsFree 8 Piece Tool Kit with this product (1 x Kit per Customer only) This is a Black iPhone 5 Genuine LCD Assembly with Touch Screen and all ..
£34.99 £59.99
Brand: Apple
Based on 1 reviews.
We Recommend Using Dotterpod's iHoldX when carrying out DIY Repairs on all iPhone 5 VersionsFree 8 Piece Tool Kit with this product (1 x Kit per Customer only) This is a White iPhone 5 Genuine LCD Assembly with Touch Screen ..
£34.99 £59.99
We Recommend Using Dotterpod's iHoldX when carrying out DIY Repairs on all iPhone 5 VersionsiPhone 5 Genuine LCD Screen and OEM Digitizer - BlackThis is an iPhone 5 Genuine LCD Screen with an OEM Digitizer in ..
£22.00 £27.59
We Recommend Using Dotterpod's iHoldX when carrying out DIY Repairs on all iPhone 5 VersionsThis is an iPhone 5 Genuine LCD Screen with an OEM Digitizer in White + FREE Tools Included. OEM parts are manuf..
£22.00 £27.59
This is an original replacement iPhone 5 front camera moduleNOTE: The front-facing camera and rear-facing microphone are on a single cable, and must be replaced together ..
This is an iPhone 5 rear camera replacement part. If your iPhone 5 camera is no longer focusing or it is no longer responding then it will need to be replaced.Apple P/N (APN): 821-1662, 821-1662-ACompatibility: Apple iPhone 5RTB..
£4.99 £6.23
iPhone 5 Ear Speaker replacement, genuine apple replacement part. ..
The iPhone 5 loud speaker is used when your iPhone is in hands-free mode or when you are listening to your music on your iPhone 5 without the head set connected. ..
£1.99 £2.75
This is a replacement iPhone 5 dock connector flex cable (Lightning Connector) The iPhone 5 has a new dock called the Mini Dock, this Mini dock flex cable also has the headphone jack and home button attached, so if you have a faulty dock you now..
£4.00 £5.51
Brand: Dottorpod
iSesamo is one of the best opening tools available and a must have iPhone Tool. It is also a great tool to use with iPads, iPods in fact all mobile smart phones and Tablets. This ultra thin tool opens iPhones, iPads and iPods with ease. Professional ..
£3.80 £5.15
This is a replacement iPhone 5 dock connector flex cable (Lightning Connector) The iPhone 5 has a new dock called the Mini Dock, this Mini dock flex cable also has the headphone jack and home button attached, so if you have a faulty dock yo..
£4.00 £5.51
This keypad flex cable contains the power on/off button, volume controls and the silent mute switchThis is the part you require to change if you are having difficulty accessing the silent mode, power on/off or is unable to change the volume contr..
£2.29 £3.59
iPhone 5 Replacement WiFi antenna, genuine apple replacement part, Replacing the iPhone 5 wifi antenna may help if you are having WiFi issues. ..
iPhone 5 replacement Home Button Flex Cable can be used with the black home button or the white home button. ..
£0.79 £1.19
iPhone 5 Light Proximity Motion Detective Sensor CableIf when you are making a call on your iPhone 5 and you put the phone to your ear and the screen does not go black thus causing you to press the mute or the keypad button' then a new proxim..
£1.79 £2.99
iPhone 5 Proximity Light Sensor Flex Cable with Front Facing Camera Assembly - Same day shipping is guaranteed if you order before 4pm.Warranty: 12 Months Compatibility: Apple iPhone 5 ONLY Package: iPhone 5 Proximity Light Senso..
£3.29 £4.38
This is a direct replacement iPhone 5 Black Home Button. Sameday shipping is guaranteed if your order is placed before 4pm. ..
iPhone 5 replacement home button rubber spacer. This will need replacing if you are swapping out a damaged iPhone 5 home button ..
This is a direct replacement iPhone 5 White Home Button also available in Black. ..
iPhone 5 Home Button Metal Bracket Replacement part.Fits iPhone 5 only. ..
This is a replacement screw set for the iPhone 5, very handy to have around if you repair iphones as the screws are very small and get misplaced. ..
 Apple iPhone 5 replacement button set includes the iPhone 5 power button, iPhone 5 volume button and the iPhone 5 mute switch. This is 3 in 1 complete side buttons set for iPhone 5. Each button has its own individual functions...
 The iPhone 5 replacement Black button set includes the iPhone 5 power button, iPhone 5 volume button and the iPhone 5 mute switch. This is 3 in 1 complete side buttons set for iPhone 5. Each button has its own individual functi..
Have you lost or damaged your bottom iPhone 5 bottom case screws? If so, this is the replacement pentalobe screws you need.These are a new set of black original Apple iPhone 5 bottom pentalobe screws for all iPhone 5 versions ..
£0.88 £0.99
iPhone Star pentalobe ScrewdriverThe 5 Pointed Star pentalobe Screwdriver is used for removing the 2 case screws that are located at the bottom of the iPhone 5, iPhone 4, and the iPhone 4S. ..
£0.49 £0.65
Based on 1 reviews.
Royal Mail will no longer accept packages containing Lithium battery  (iPhone batteries) if they are discovered by Royal Mail then the package will be destroyed. We cannot send Batteries Overseas, this includes Jersey, Guernsey and the ..
£6.49 £8.39
This iPhone 5 SIM cutter is designed to cut your Regular Sim card the same size as the iPhone 5 & the iPad Mini NANO SIM with perfect accuracyRegular Sim to Nano Sim Regular/Micro Sim to Nano Sim Cutter Micro Sim to Nano SDim..
£4.00 £5.49
Brand: Dottorpod
iHOLDX KEEPS UP THE iPHONE 5,5S TOUCH PANEL - LCD Support For iPhone 5If you plan on repairing your iPhone 5, 5C or iPhone 5S then you should consider buying this iPhone support tool.  This latest tool from Dotterpod, the "iHoldx&..
£7.49 £11.99
This iPhone 5 / 5G Screw Holes Distribution Boards, Screw Organizer has a layout designed to help you easily remember the position for each screw that you remove from your iPhone when undertaking iPhone 5 repairs, this will keep you from mixing ..
The Vacuum Suction cup enables easy LCD screen removal on the iPhone, iPad and other cell phone, touch-screen, tablet screens. Adheres to LCD screen via a locking suction, this is what most professional iPhone repair shops use to remove the screens ..
The BEST-668s Screwdriver Repair Tool Kit is a 5 in 1 Precision screwdriver kit that is used for repairing iPhones and Laptops with fine workmanship, Anti-static handle and  Magnetic tips. Compact design and lightweight scre..
£9.79 £11.99
If your repair iPad's,iPhone's or iPod's then this is a must have pry tool, these metal spudgers are what the professionals use when repairing your electronic devices, these are a great tool for the trade and for the end user. ..
£1.75 £2.75
Screen Removal Suction Cup for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G & iPhone 2GThis screen suction cup will help assist in opening your case and removing your iPhone or iPods LCD with out scratching or damaging it.This will virtually guarantee you do no..
£0.20 £0.35
The Lightning to 30 Pin Converter is essential for anyone that has docks, speakers or other accessories that use the old 30 pin connector. The converter will allow you to use your iPhone 5 with these accessories. It will allow you to use 1 charging c..
iPhone 5 USB Lightning connector replacement is used for syncing and charging your iPhone and iPads, this cable is 1 meter long, we also sell this with a 3 meter cable in our store.  ..
iPhone 5 USB Lightning cable is used for syncing and charging your iPhone and iPads, this cable is 3 meter long, we also sell the Lightning usb cable with a 1 meter cable in our store. ..
Based on 2 reviews.
iPhone, iPod SpudgerThis iPhone Spudger are simply the best  iPhone and iPod opening tool on the market. The iPhone spudger will help you open any iPhone or iPod without leaving any scratches or doing any damage to your iPhone or iPod'..
£1.00 £1.55
 iphone metal spudger opening tool which can be used on all iphone handsets including the iphone, ipods, ipads and macbooks. Specially designed helps to open the ipad without damaging the clips. Especially helpful i..
£0.99 £1.55
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How To Order


How To Order

Placing your order


Placing an order on our website takes only a few minutes, you may pay for your items using your Debit or Credit card, or if you prefer you may also use PayPal as your preferred payment method.

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Shipping Information


Shipping Information

Same day shipping Guaranteed!

We can no longer send Lithium Battery's overseas, These are now restricted goods and couriers will not carry them

All orders placed before 4pm are shipped the same day ( Monday - Friday ) they are sent out either 1st or 2nd Class SignedFor or Special delivery,  you may choose either option when going through the checkout process. any orders placed after our cut off time will ship the next working day.

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iphone repairs postage


iphone repairs postage

Sending us your iPhone!

Sending us your iPhone

Once you have booked your iPhone repair our store will automatically send you an order confirmation email. Please send a copy of this email with your iPhone / iPod also please click on the Repair Service Form image Below and download our repair form and complete it in full, once you have completed the form please send it along with your iPhone / iPod so that we can identify your iPhone / iPod easily. Important :- If your iPhone is password protected please include the password or if possible undo the password protection option before sending your iPhone to us, this will allow us to fully test your iPhone before we return it.


If Possible please back up your iPhone before posting it to us as we can not be held responsible for any data that may be lost.

Back up is easy just connect your phone to itunes and enable sync in i tunes then you can choose what data you want to back up. In most cases you will find that sync will be automatic when you connect the phone to your pc or laptop.

Follow these simple instructions to ensure your iPhone doesn't get damaged in transit.

We recommend using your original box placed inside a jiffy bag.

  1. Put the iPhone into your package with your email booking confirmation.
  2. Firmly tape both ends of the bag to ensure it doesn’t come apart during transit.
  3. Securely attach a shipping label to your package.

Use a Trackable & Insured Service

  1. We strongly advise that you send your parcel using an insured service from the Royal Mail or a reputable courier.
  2. Please make sure that the level of insurance is sufficient to replace the iPhone should it get lost or damaged on the way to us.
  3. Upon receipt of your parcel we will sign for it and email you, so that you know that it have arrived safely.
  4. We cannot be held responsible for iPhones which are lost or incur further damaged in the post, please pack your iPhone securely.